Need to know more about the planning or public record process? At Old Republic Title, our Builder Services Team consists of a wide range of experienced professionals who have been in the industry for many years, working with builders and developers on a variety of projects. From a Mapping Consultant or Advisory Title Officer, to a Subdivision Processing Unit, our team has the experience to assist you from land acquisition to the completion and sale of your project. Collectively they have an excellent understanding of geographic title recording systems, understanding the legal descriptions and survey issues, as well as the planning, development and the public record process.

A valuable resource to builders and developers, our team is able to:

  • Prepare the Preliminary/Commitment Report disclosing such matters as easements, mineral and oil reservations, taxes, bonds, assessments, existing restrictions and other recorded matters affecting title.
  • Act as a liaison between the developer and the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) until the Public Report is issued.
  • Work to assure a timely issuance of the Public Report.
  • Support the engineer with the title research, will serve letters, and map processing throughout the development process.
  • Aid in obtaining necessary lender consents and signatures on the map.
  • Provide the necessary tax letter and issue the subdivision guarantee to the County Recorder.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation for submittal to the BRE for the Public Report, including a BRE application, sample deed, sample escrow instructions and various exhibits and attachments.
  • Review all maps and plans for consistency and satisfaction of BRE and title insurance requirements.
  • Assist in processing lot line adjustments and/or Certificates of Compliance for legal subdivision classification.

Title Insurance

Delays for the homebuilder can also be minimized by contacting the title company early in the building process. Actions initiated by the title company that have a positive effect on the builder’s project completion time can include the following:

  • Calling a meeting of everyone involved to establish coordination and minimize problems (builder, developer, attorney, engineer, architect, escrow holder, etc.)
  • Expediting title search and examination so any difficulties can be dealt with more quickly
  • Advising on mechanic’s lien coverage and other title insurance needs of parties to the transaction
  • Setting up sale escrow accounts and handling disbursements upon closing
  • Coordinating with subcontractors so their problems can be dealt with in the early stages of the project
  • Arranging for prompt handling of any title claims that arise

By assuring priority of the first lien mortgage for the lender, title insurance makes construction loan financing considerably more attractive. Title company personnel help the builder or developer establish ownership rights to assure local government that a project may proceed. This normally expedites plat approval. And, title companies will insure titles to individual lots in a development on a mass production basis, often at a reduced rate, so new owner’s policies can be promptly furnished to home buyers after updating of title work, rather than extensive and time-consuming back searches upon the issuance of each policy.

Besides the basic owner and loan policies, title insurers offer various special coverages that are important to different parties. Additional coverages relating to new construction are available in some areas. These coverages could include mechanic’s lien protection, or special coverage regarding surveys or zoning.

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Old Republic strongly recommends that consumers investigate title insurance, title insurers and/or obtain guidance and advice from qualified professionals in this field, including attorneys specializing in Real Property & Title Insurance as to any particular situations affecting them.