Executive Team

Long term success in the title insurance industry takes the talent and dedication of many people, and at Old Republic we have the best in the industry. Success requires vision and leadership from an executive management team. With more than 150 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, Old Republic’s executive team is exceptionally qualified.
Ivy Anderson, President

Ivy Anderson started her career in the title industry in 1984 with a locally owned organization in Santa Clara County. Over many years and in many roles, she has learned all aspects of operating an Escrow and Title company. Ivy helped in the development of many startup organizations throughout the Western United States including Southern California, Nevada, Texas and Arizona. She held the position of Chief Financial Officer for over 12 years, overseeing multiple multi-state title companies but has always looked outside of her area of responsibility to assist in all areas of any organization she has served. Ivy has also held the position of CEO and President of a privately owned regional Title Company which serviced the Western United States. Ivy continues to serve the staff and clientele of Old Republic Title Company with the same level of commitment and support she has demonstrated throughout her long standing career.

Rick Dosa, Executive Vice President, Corporate Counsel

Rick Dosa started his career at Old Republic as a title searcher and occasional messenger in 1974. Rick has been Corporate Counsel since 2003. He has represented Old Republic as a lawyer in various capacities since 1981.

Rick graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1973 with Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Rhetoric and Political Science. He has a Master of Arts Degree (Political Science) from San Francisco State University and received his Law Degree from Golden Gate University in San Francisco in 1981.

Rick is licensed to practice law in the State of California and is a member of the American Bar Association and the San Francisco Bar Association.

Rick is a member of the Board of Governors of the California Land Title Association and throughout his career has served on several CLTA Committees, including Forms and Practices and the Legislative Committee.

Ernie Collins, Executive Vice President, Regional Manager

Ernie Collins has spent his 30-year career in the title industry working exclusively for Old Republic Title Company. He began his career in 1988 as a Marketing Representative, where he serviced branch offices in Berkeley and Montclair, California. In 1995, Ernie was promoted to Sales Manager and oversaw sales efforts for nine Alameda County branches. Shortly thereafter, in 1997, he was promoted to Director of Sales for Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

In 2003, Ernie became the Director of Sales and started the Marketing Department for Old Republic Title’s Western Title Division, which, at the time, included California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Hawaii. In 2006, Ernie was appointed Senior Vice President and promoted to Alameda County Manager. Under his leadership, Ernie’s region has become one of the Company’s top producing operations in the Western Title Division for over 10 years.

In his current role as Executive Vice President and Regional Manager, Ernie reports directly to Old Republic Title Company’s Western Title Division President, Ivy Anderson. He is responsible for supporting the efforts of his associates in Alameda, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Fresno, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Ernie enjoys spending his personal time with his family and is an avid sports fan.

Brent Evans, Executive Vice President, Regional Manager

Brent is a seasoned title insurance professional who started his career as a Title Searcher in Stanislaus County, Calif., in 1983. Two years later, he joined another title company, where he worked on Subdivision DRE processing and developed relationships with home builders in local markets. From 1990 to 2014, Brent worked for several national title insurance companies as County Manager in Merced and Fresno Counties, and as Central Valley Manager, where he had the opportunity to work with builders in Fresno and Tulare Counties, and in the surrounding valley.

In March 2014, Brent joined Old Republic Title as Fresno County Manager, where he has focused on expanding the Company’s presence in the area. Under Brent’s leadership, the Fresno operation began with six employees and has grown to more than 50. He is well connected within the building community and has strong relationships with residential and commercial developers in the region.

Mark Gamba, Executive Vice President, Regional Manager

Mark joined Old Republic Title in 2010 with the responsibility of managing sales and operations in Solano County. As County Manager, Mark achieved extraordinary advancements in business strategy, profitability and employee engagement. With great tenacity, Mark reshaped Solano County's footprint. He expanded from two branch offices with 9 associates to 4 offices totaling 43 associates. In a county with five strong competitors, Mark increased overall market share from 8.5 percent to 42 percent, moving Old Republic Title from the fifth position to number one from 2013 to the present. Since 2016, Old Republic Title has also remained number one in resale market share, averaging at 47 percent.

As Regional Manager, Mark will be responsible for overseeing operations for the following counties and territory: Contra Costa; Napa; Solano; Sacramento; Placer; El Dorado; Yuba; and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sherri Sweeney, Executive Vice President, Regional Manager

Sherri has been in the title industry for over 35 years. She began her career in 1985 fulfilling title production requests in the state of New Jersey before relocating to California in 1988. From 1989 to 1997, Sherri worked alongside outside counsel retained to represent her company on diverse title insurance matters. In January of 1997, she returned to the direct operations side of the business when she accepted a sales position. Within one year she was promoted to Vice President, Sales Manager. Shortly thereafter, Sherri advanced to hold the position of Senior Vice President, County Manager, successfully leading one of the Top 10 operations in her county. In 2015, she was promoted to an executive management position. Sherri joined Old Republic Title in 2022 as Executive Vice President, Regional Manager and is responsible for the performance and profitability of several business units within the Western Title Division.

She is a passionate leader who believes in motivating her team to success. Collaboration has always been at the forefront of her leadership style, as she considers it the key to evolving a company and its employees.

Sherri is an avid learner who studied business administration at Purdue University, and in 2019, completed two of Stanford University's Innovation & Entrepreneurship programs. She is passionate about philanthropy, advocacy and charity. As such, she serves on the board of Kidsave International, a non-profit that focuses on finding families for older orphaned and foster care youth, and Women Back To Work, which advocates for women returning to the workforce after taking a career break to support their family.

Steve Yeager, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Steve joined Old Republic Title in August 2014, helping to launch the Company's Oregon operation. He served on the management team as the Oregon Sales Manager for several years prior to being promoted to SVP, Oregon State Manager in December 2017.

Steve is an exemplary leader and is an advocate for innovative technology integration throughout our escrow and title operations. He is a respected leader throughout the Western Title Division (WTD) and is appreciated for his commitment to making ORT more efficient.

In his current role, Steve works closely with the WTD and Information Services (IS) to interpret high-level goals and objectives with the purpose of creating a strategic introduction of technological resources. His primary focus is on product and process innovation and development. He is instrumental in helping develop a strategic roadmap for procurement, implementation and utilization of future technologies for title, escrow and sales. Steve makes it a priority to keep all WTD goals in alignment.
In addition to his job duties, Steve is also the Co-Chair for the Old Republic Title Direct Leadership Team (DLT).

Chad Nichols, Senior Vice President, WTD Director of Sales

Chad has spent over two decades addressing the needs of title and escrow professionals. Having held local, regional and national positions in both sales and operations, he understands the importance of meeting varied objectives. He makes it his primary focus to build sales teams whose strategies align with and support both local and overall organizational goals. As the Director of Sales, Chad works closely with the Western Title Division's Leadership Team to implement strategic plans for building overall sales performance. Chad's longstanding career in the title and escrow industry has prepared him to evaluate and measure sales effectiveness.

He will partner with county and sales managers to assist with training and business development by incorporating tools, resources and technologies that drive market share and revenue. He will also focus on recruiting new talent for various positions throughout the WTD. Chad will collaborate with the Corporate Marketing Team to incorporate marketing strategies that build brand awareness and drive growth.

Brenda Donath, Executive Vice President, WTD Director of Title Services, Central Services Division Manager

Brenda began her career in an entry-level position in our San Mateo County Operation. During her tenure, she became a front-line Escrow Officer, Branch Manager and Escrow Operations Manager in San Mateo County before being promoted to her first County Manager position for Santa Cruz County. Brenda has been a County Manager for multiple operations, spending the bulk of her time in San Joaquin County (1995 - 2017). She was also instrumental in establishing our WTD Centralized Services Division (CSD) in 2009. Initially, the CSD was created to develop an REO production model to support the needs of various lender, asset management, investor and GSE customers requiring a single point of entry property disposition production model. Since its creation, the CSD has become more diversified, establishing a back-office support unit for our State and County Operations throughout our Western Division and a Centralized Lender Unit and other single point of entry support services for our internal and external partners.

In her role, Brenda brings her decades of escrow experience and knowledge to successfully partner with our internal escrow and support teams, as well as assisting our clients who need single point of contact coordination and support.

Rod Seyffert, Executive Vice President, WTD Director of Title Services

Rod began his career with Founders Title (now Old Republic Title) in 1984 as a Customer Service Representative. He has held a variety of positions throughout his nearly 40-year tenure, including Recording Clerk, Purchasing Agent, Searcher, Title Examiner, Title Officer, Advisory Title Officer, Chief Title Officer, and for the past seven years, County Manager of Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

In his role as Director of Title Services, Rod evaluates current title plant software and processes and researches viable replacements that deploy and utilize advanced technologies to improve efficiencies across all title plants. He plans to establish regular meetings to develop a system of communication that promotes ongoing collaboration and exchange of information between Title Plant Managers. Rod also plans to develop a structured training program to educate all title personnel about present and future endeavors and is passionate about championing a succession plan for title.