Calyx POINT Integration

For lenders who have standardized on Calyx POINT as your loan origination software, you can order title and escrow products within your POINT software!

For many lenders, opening an order for title and/or escrow products can be inconvenient. Traditional methods include phone calls, faxes or even re-keying the order information into a company’s website. Each of these methods is time consuming and subject to errors.

With Old Republic’s integration you can simply place an order for title and escrow directly from within the "borrower information" in POINT!! Your software allows you to electronically transfer the relevant customer information to Old Republic for opening an order including receiving a Title/Escrow number immediately!

There are many customer benefits including:

  • Improved efficiency - Enter borrower information one time into POINT - the same customer data transfers directly to Old Republic for the title and escrow order.
  • Save time - No more faxes, no more voicemails to escrow officers, no more time spent re-keying information; customer data flows seamlessly to Old Republic. Order title and escrow within six clicks of a mouse!!
  • Lower cost per order - Improved efficiencies lowers your cost per transaction.
  • Increase transactions - Improved efficiencies also allows you to process more transactions; more transactions equals more revenue!
  • Shorter processing cycle – POINT orders flow directly to our title plant for processing which results in a faster turnaround of prelims.

To enjoy the benefits of online ordering directly from Calyx POINT you must first become a registered user of

Please complete the registration form or contact your local Sales Representative.