Old Republic’s Centralized Services Division focuses on production accuracy, efficiency and value. Our lender fulfillment model is designed to produce results that exceed our lender clients’ expectations.

New orders flow to a single point of contact, your Team Leader, who is accountable for monitoring production and coordination with the selected escrow officer. Transactions are opened immediately and the progress of each order is tracked during each phase of the production process. Customized reports, specific to your particular needs, are provided for your review and evaluation.

Our lender clients have come to rely on Old Republic for the following:

Single Point of Contact: The Team Leaders

The role of your Team Leader is to ensure a successful closing of every transaction. One call - quick response.

Flexible Fulfillment Solutions / Local Closings

We offer flexible solutions to meet your, and your borrower’s, needs. If you prefer a local touch we can work with a convenient Old Republic branch located close to your borrower. Same order placement process, same central point of contact but a local branch closing. If a centralized production model works best for you we can offer that too. Escrow and title production in a single department (by state) and signing services for your borrowers’ convenience.

Transparent Activity Reports

We listen to your needs. We then take this information and craft reports specific to the information most important to you.

Platform Integration

We understand that you have invested in your own production platform. For your convenience, we have in-house IT support that will work together with your company to explore integration with your system and/or platform if needed.

Accountable Service

Like most businesses, service trumps everything else. Beginning with the Team Leader and throughout the life of an order, our professionals pride themselves on delivering the service our clients and borrowers expect.

Centralized Services Division – A Better Alternative