Estimated Closing Calendar

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(Note: in a table-funding closing, all documents required for closing are signed, title is cleared and all money is presented and disbursed on the same day as consummation. Table funding does not occur in CA, AZ, HI, NV, WA or OR).

Estimated Closing Calendar


The Old Republic Title TRID Calendar is an Internet-based platform that provides general information in a user-friendly manner. It is important to understand that the information is based on estimates and the dates are approximations, both of which are dependent upon certain variables unique to each real estate transaction, such as the timely completion of contractual or other requirements. These factors are beyond the functionality provided by Old Republic Title, or this TRID Calendar. More important, the accuracy of the estimated items stated is entirely dependent upon the accuracy of the date selected on the calendar. The calendar is for general information purposes only. Old Republic Title makes no warranty, express or implied, about sufficiency or accuracy of the information provided. There is no assumption of responsibility or liability for errors or omissions, whatsoever. Every user is solely responsible for compliance with applicable laws, relative to their particular real estate transaction, including disclosure and any timing or delivery requirements.