REO Disposition

The Centralized Services Division has a proven fulfillment model that exceeds the service expectations of our clients and the purchasers of their REO assets.

Asset Managers, Banks, Investors and a national GSE confidently rely on Old Republic Title for the following:

A Single Point of Contact

Each client is assigned a Team Leader, who is responsible for coordinating order placement and all confirmation, communication, reporting, tracking and post closing follow up for each transaction.

Tailored Reporting

Since each client’s needs are unique, we are flexible. We have the ability to track important milestones and generate customized reports to each clients specific needs.

Managed Performance

You expect that your timeframes are met and so do we. To ensure the success of every order, we break down individual orders into tasks, assign them to our service teams and track their results. Rigorous quality control applications are applied to each task or process in order to measure our performance and to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

Curative Services

Our experienced service professionals are adept at addressing the title issues identified in the REO fulfillment process. They aggressively and promptly pursue solutions.

Quality Control

The buck stops with our Team Leaders. Our professionals are your single point of contact and are accountable for our results. They take pride in ensuring that our results exceed your expectations.

Logistics Management / Regional Fulfillment Services

To maximize your buyer's convenience, closings can occur in one of the many Old Republic Title branches or through a signing service.

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