I’m eager to have the opportunity to show just how different we are at Old Republic Title Company. While all good title and escrow companies help to facilitate a smooth real estate transaction, we are forging a level of strategy and help to your business and life that is unheard of in our industry.

The value of our escrow officers comes from decades of experience in both residential and commercial and a following of deeply loyal customers.

The value of our sales team comes from our combined experience of running real estate offices, consulting hundreds of entrepreneurs, and owning our own companies in the real estate industry.

Additionally, we have some incredible tools and resources for you and your clients:


1.       Netsheets- quick access to estimated title and escrow fees

2.       Place An Order-receive your order (escrow) number instantly

3.       Property Profiles

4.       Downloadable Flyers and a Resource List


1.       OR TOUCH- Property Information at your fingertips

2.       OR CONNECT- ortconline.com in a mobile app

3.       OR CALC- Easy to use Mortgage Calculator

CONSUMER VIDEOS-Quality productions that helps Buyers and Sellers understand the escrow process

It would be my pleasure to assist you. Please contact me today!